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wind turbine brings you green energy

Michael / 2014-07-12
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The whole world is searching desperately for more clean and renewable sources of energy. The population of the earth is growing rapidly, and every day we see that there are greater and greater demands placed on the finite sources of energy that are currently available to us. Oil and coal supplies are dwindling rapidly, and for many years they have been the target of criticism by environmentalists who say that the tradeoff between the power and pollution that come from these fossil fuels is no longer worth their production. This means that we are looking to the sun and wind for alternative forms of energy production, and the vertical axis wind turbine is one such solution.

Wind energy is a form of solar energy, and therefore, is renewable. Wind does not need to be produced, like ethanol does, so there will always be a constant supply of it. Wind energy is very expensive to set up, so it requires significant amounts of capital to establish wind farms. After the initial investment and startup costs, however, it is one of the cheapest forms of electricity generation to maintain. 

In case you are fairly unfamiliar with the use of the vertical axis wind turbine for the production of electrical energy, you should know that many large manufacturers are starting to produce wind turbines for this exact purpose. A typical wind turbine is a massive structure that vaguely resembles the windmills that have been used to pump water and grind grain in this country for many years. Industrial turbines use large blades to capture the velocity of the wind and transfer it to a motor where it can be converted into electricity.

Unlike the typical commercial wind turbine, which many people say are two large and noisy to be placed in residential settings, the vertical axis wind turbine is a new design that makes this alternative source of energy more accessible for everyone. Instead of a design that uses a horizontal access, like a pinwheel, the new design tilts the whole production onto a vertical axis, making it sleeker and more compact. Instead of being hundreds of feet tall, requiring a lot of open space, these wind turbines are only thirty feet tall, meaning that they can be placed in a back yard or municipal space without much trouble.

When the wind blow on a vertical axis wind turbine, the entire structure still rotates, that produces the energy that will be directed to a motor and electrical conversion. However, instead of rotating large blade that might be fifty to a hundred feet long, it simply rotates the vertical, cylindrical structure. This process is completely silent, and means that many more people will have the option of erecting their own renewable power sources right on their property. Whether you tie it into the grid or not, you have access to clean wind energy.

Do not leave out one important thing, there are so many wind turbines in the market, which is best for you? Here is an easy way: Always remember to find a good brand. Those famous brand wind turbines are more reliable. In China, Wellsee is very famous for its good quality small wind turbine, which applies to home use wind power system, you can visit: www.e-bluelight.com to learn more about it.

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