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Popular wind turbine

Michael / 2014-05-17
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 The basic function of a wind turbine is to convert kinetic energy obtained from the wind into mechanical energy that can be used for driving a generator that generates electricity.

There are two types of wind turbines:

Horizontal axis
Vertical axis

Horizontal Axis Turbines : This type of wind turbines are more commonly recognised as the typical windmill type. In this wind turbine, the blades rotate along a vertical plane with a horizontal axis. The turbine rotates dynamically on the tower facing the wind.

Vertical Axis Turbines : This type of wind turbines are designed to generate Wind Power without being oriented into the wind. The old versions, also called eggbeater wind turbines had to be powered by an external source in order to start the rotation as they had huge amount of torque. However, the modern designs are fitted with helical blades having low amount of torque and they can start rotating without an external source. Since these wind turbines have a small impact on the environment and don’t cause any noise, they are best suited for small amount of Wind Power generation. These types of wind turbines have not yet been able to match the 5 MW plus capacity of the horizontal axis turbines.

Today, the large-scale wind turbines are designed with rotors having diameters more than 100 m, the height of the tower being more than 300 ft and the entire structure can weigh several hundred tonnes. Such type of projects need huge amount of investments along with long period for the approval of planning. Of course, it is very popular in use for small wind turbine, usually there are used for homes, beach house, gardens and deserts. The different considerations and process can include:

• Assessment of impact on environment
• Local consultation
• Aesthetics
• Aviation
• Wildlife
And, many other factors that can vary from one are to another.

Commercial Offshore Wind Power Projects

The development of offshore Wind Power projects has several advantages over onshore wind turbine projects.
• It allows to bring many more sites into play
• It minimises the impact on the environment
• The planning process is short
• It improves the efficiency of the turbines because of lesser turbulence in the flow of wind over the surface of sea

Small-scale wind turbines are mostly used for charging batteries that runs small applications, especially in remote areas, boats or on caravans. The best examples are:

• Electric fencing
• Lighting
• Sensing equipment
• Electric pumps
• Road signage

The size of these Wind Power turbines can vary in size. While some models are available under 100 W, others are available at 50 kW.

• Under 100 W – The smallest turbines are mostly used for charging batteries of size 12 V or 24 V, which are used for stand-alone applications.
• More than 0.5 kW – The larger turbines can be to generate electricity from Wind Power for single houses or even businesses. The rooftop models can generate from 0.5 to 2.5 kW of power.

Among wind power turbine manufacturers, Wellsee is very professional, its small scale wind turbine is widely loved by users. 300W and 400W is reasonable power to use for home and off grid system, if you have interest, you can contact: marketing@e-bluelight.com .

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