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Bluelight team back from 109th Canton Fair successfully

Cindy / 2011-05-09
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China Import and Export Fair,also called Canton Fair, is held twice a year in Spring and Autumn since it was inaugurated in the Spring of

1957. It is China's largest trade fair of the highest level, of the most complete varieties and of the largest attendance and business

turnover. Preserving its traditions, the Fair is a comprehensive and multi-functional event of international importance.

The 109th Session of China Import and Export Fair Concluded Successfully on May 5 at Canton Fair Complex. According to Mr. Liu Jianjun,

Vice Secretary General and Spokesman of the Canton Fair, under the leadership of the party of Ministry of Commerce and the substantial

support and coordination of related departments in Guangdong Province and Guangzhou Municipality, through the joint efforts of all

participants, this session of the Canton Fair runs smoothly in general.

Mr. Liu Jianjun pointed out that, 200,612 overseas buyers from 208 countries and regions around the world attended the 108th Canton Fair,

basically the same with 107th Canton Fair with only 2.38% decrease, however an increase of 5.7% over the same period last year. Among

them, the number of buyers from the European Union, the United States significantly increased. Compared with last year, the greatest

increase comes from Europe with a total of 41,735 buyers attending the fair, an increase of up to 22.88%; 109,536 buyers from Asia,

28,879 from America attend the Fair with a slight decline about 7.85% and 1.61% respectively; the buyer attendance from Oceania and

Africa witnesses a double-digit decline, namely 6,180 and 14,282 people respectively, a decrease of 11.25% and 12.64%.

The numbers of buyers among the top five countries are: Hong Kong SAR with 26,935, the United States with 11,725, 8,737 from Taiwan

Province, 6,829 from Iran and 6,598 from Russia. Among the total buyers, the number of regular buyers reached 135,403, accounting for

67.5% of the total; the number of new buyers reaches 65,209, accounting for 32.5% of the total overseas buyers.

Compared with the previous session, developed countries and regions with a faster growth rate in buyer attendance are: the European

Union with a growth rate of 24.52%, Japan with 11.76%, the U.S. with 3.33%. South Africa, Brazil, Turkey, Russia and other major

emerging markets also see a rapid increase in buyer attendance, which is up by 8.16%, 9.66%, 11.13% and 18.26% respectively.

According to Mr. Liu, the business turnover this session enjoys a slight increase over the previous one. Final figures are yet to come, the

statistics will be publicized for the press by news release later.

E-commerce online transacted actively. Visits to the Canton Fair’s official website accumulated to 120 million times, increased by 1.1% over

the previous session. The intended turnover of online transaction reached USD 49.6 million, increased by 8.3% than the previous session.

According to Mr. Liu’s analysis, compared with the figures before the Financial Crisis, it’s rare that the buyer attendance drops slightly while

business turnover could achieve a slight increase. It shows the proportion of effective buyers relatively increases this session, however the

demand is affected by both the trend of recovery and expectations of uncertainty. Market differentiation also shows that different countries

have different conditions in the process of recovery of domestic markets, the foundation of world economic recovery has not been

consolidated, and the future remains uncertain.

Mr. Liu Jianjun emphasizes that, with the impact of the rising price of raw materials and appreciation of RMB, the pressure of bargaining for

export enterprises increases greatly. Mr. Chen Deming, Minister of Commerce, and Mr. Yi Xiaozhun, the Vice Minister of Commerce, hold a

symposium on the situation of foreign trade and an experience exchanging conference regarding export transition. They pointed out that

local government and foreign trade enterprises should speed up their efforts in transition and upgrade in terms of structure, quality,

technology and standard. Moreover, they should improve their innovation ability and turn the transition of the development pattern of

foreign trade into self-conscious action. In recent years, most of the enterprises continuously strengthen their efforts and investment in

brand-building and design innovation and generally attach great importance to the research and development of products and the concept

of environmental protection. The tendency of transition from OEM to ODM is quite obvious. In this session, enterprises with self-own IPR,

self-own brand and independent marketing team have better ability of bargaining and brand products achieve better business turnover

than ordinary ones. For instance, the new product from Hisense in this session-the intelligent 3D LED LCD TV, with independently invented

operation system Hitv-OS, became the first type of genuine intelligent TV. 100% of the products from Degao Toy get the national

appearance design patent, and their products receive great popularity among European, American and Japanese clients. The "low-carbon

family" products launched by Ningbo Guangbo is made of stone, and reeds instead of pulp, and the profit is 10% higher than ordinary

products. The price of the products from enterprises with quality, environmental protection and safety certification is higher than ordinary

products. They receive great popularity among buyers and achieve favorable turnover.

To meet foreign enterprises’ growing demand the stands in the International Pavilion, approved by the Ministry of Commerce, significant

reform has taken place in the International Pavilion this session. to expand the capacity of international pavilion in this session. The

exhibition area of International Pavilion this session expanded to 20,000 square meters this session, which synchronizes the exhibits of the

National Pavilion and the International Pavilion and enhance the effectiveness of business negotiations. It’s foreign exhibitor’s response

that the reformed International Pavilion is more popular than before and number of domestic buyers increases significantly. The newly

established Brand Zone boasts its beautifully decoration and upgraded level. The number of high-technology products and energy saving

exhibits from European and American enterprises in developed countries increases notably, such as the UV-LED curing system printer from

Sun Innovations, a Russian company, saves more energy and is more durable than traditional printers. LED energy saving lights from Stand

Max Trading, a Netherlands Company, and the wallpaper stripping machines from the British Company Earlex Group, catch the attention of

many domestic buyers. Exhibitors from abroad regard the Canton Fair as a platform to display advanced technology and innovation ideas,

they are confident to develop Chinese market as soon as possible by meeting strong trading partners through the Canton Fair.

During the fair, we actively carry out implement the National Intellectual Property Rights Strategy and fully implement the "Measures for

the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights during Exhibitions" to strengthen the efforts to fight against infringement of intellectual

property right and selling of counterfeit and shoddy goods, and to promote the successful experience of intellectual property right

protection of Canton Fair. The Ministry of Commerce successful holds the Canton Fair IPR protection meeting which enhances the

companies’ awareness of IPR protection. 703 complaints of alleged infringement are received this session. 884 enterprises are complained,

with 544 of them identified suspected of infringement, which maintains the same level as the last session, but the amount of complaints

regarding copyright and alleged copyright infringement decreases by 50%. To be noted, the number of successfully defended companies in

patent cases increases by 62%, reflecting that the awareness of IPR protection among foreign trade enterprises has enhanced, and they

can flexibly use the National laws, regulations, Canton Fair IPR protection regulations and other legal means to protect their own legitimate

rights and interests.

The Canton Fair Call Center, which is newly put into trial operation this session, opens 30 lines in five languages of Chinese, English,

Spanish, French and Russian, providing round-the-clock service of both manual and automatic voice response. Hotline 4000-888-999 totally

receives 24,000 visitor’s phone calls, handles 651 on-site business and complaint acceptance and tracking work order, 8,829 buyer and IC

card application, 1,159 outbound call invitation from overseas exhibitions. The Canton Fair Call Center greatly improves the exhibition

service efficiency, bringing overseas guests heart-felt service and fresh experience. Besides, “Canton Fair Overseas VIP Lounge” totally

receives 6,000 buyers. A series of match-making activities facilitate nearly 100 exhibitors who have the interests in exploring Japanese and

French markets with professional trade matching services. Activities such as “Russian Import and Investment Forum” and “Canton Fair—the

U.N. Sourcing Day” offer valuable opportunities for domestic export enterprises to share latest overseas trade and investment information

and to enter the global sourcing system. In order to facilitate the expansion of buyer invitation and provide more comfortable, efficient

services, Chinese Foreign Trade Center signs Cooperation Agreement respectively with China Southern Airlines, Peru-China Chamber of

Commerce, China Travel Service (Hong Kong). In addition, the Canton Fair also makes full preparations in fields of catering, health care,

security and stand dismantling and formulates corresponding plan. Buyers and exhibitors are more satisfied.

Lastly, Mr. Liu Jianjun summarizes Canton Fair’s achievements in the Eleventh Five-Year Plan and its direction of future development. He

points out that, during the period from 2006 to 2010, under the leadership of Ministry of Commerce, Canton Fair actively carries out CPC

Central Committee and State Council’s economic and foreign trade policies, fully plays its important role of promoting the healthy

development of China’s foreign trade, makes great contributions to the expansion of foreign trade, promoting the balance of import and

export, facilitating the transition of the development mode of foreign trade and fighting against Financial Crisis. According to statistics,

during the "11th Five-year Plan" period, Canton Fair’s exhibition scale expands from 620,000 square meters with 30,000 stands to 1.13

million square meters with 57,000 stands at present. It shows up to 150,000 types of exhibits, and attracts 23,000 enterprises to exhibit. In

terms of the Scale of a single exhibition, Canton Fair ranks the first in the world. Totally 1.9 million buyers from 212 countries and regions

participate in the fair and the export turnover amounts to over $330 billion. The Canton Fair not only achieves its own rapid development in

constant innovation and reform, but also provides a broader and more professional platform for the vast number of foreign trade

enterprises in terms of international trade negotiation and information exchange.

The Twelfth Five-year Plan points out that we should continue to stabilize and expand external demand and maintain the existing export

competitiveness; accelerate the development of technology, brand, quality and service as the core competitiveness of the new advantages;

extend the domestic value-added chain of processing trade and promote market diversity; develop service trade and promote the transition

and upgrade of export structure; bring the benefit of the import into the macroeconomic balance and structure adjustment and promote the

balance of trade. Therefore, in the future the Canton Fair shall give further play of its role of “weatherglass” and “vane” of national

economy and foreign trade development, adhering to the strategy of serving China's reform and opening up, the overall economic

construction and foreign trade. We will further enhance the ability of organizing events, strengthen our efforts to invite buyers, optimize the

structure of exhibitors and exhibits, optimize exhibition services, follow the strategy of development from comprehensiveness to

specialization and strive to be a world-renowned exhibition with all world-class comprehensive indexes. We will continue to make greater

contributions in the course of the acceleration of the transformation of development mode of foreign trade, in the course from a large trade

power to a might large power, from "Made in China" to "Created in China"!

Bluelight Company always attend the Canton Fair since our company established on 1992. Our company growth is the witness of the

Canton Fair's growth.

On 109th Canton Fair, our vistors are much more than 108th, among them, lots of customers sign the contracts on our booth. We thank for

the support from our customers, and will continue to make our products better and better!

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